Sahaja Yoga Meditation instructors have presented meditation workshops at local Seattle schools, Amazon, Mujeres Northwest, UW Cultural Fairs, Washington Office of Labor and Industry, and Bellevue Police Department. Many of these schools and organizations reported that the workshops and ongoing meditation classes had a positive impact on company culture and overall employee well being.

Bring Meditation to Your Workplace

What you can expect

We want to make it easy for anyone to learn meditation no matter what their background is, so we customize each session based on your group. When we come to your school/office, or host an online session, you can expect a friendly guide who knows how to reach out to your particular group.

What we offer

  • Guided meditation sessions of varied lengths
  • Workshop events for deep stress reduction
  • Live meditative music concert and meditation experience
  • 5 week course for deep dive into meditation techniques

Get in touch with us

Because we customize every experience, we achieve a perfect match between what you need and what we do. Let’s get the conversation started. Email us to get the ball rolling!

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