Sahaja Meditation is a unique, energy-based meditation technique that’s been around for nearly five decades.

Whether you have been attending our meetups or not, you now have a chance to practice instructor-led, online guided meditation classes from any device and anywhere over the website Sahaja Online.

We have created the largest online resource that captures a wealth of information about meditation related scientific research, its influence on character and personality and an ever-increasing wealth of information that gets updated every day on our blog.


Live Guided meditation every Saturday 11:00 AM CST

Joins for youtube live guided meditation session every Saturday 11:00 AM CST broadcasted from SahajaYoga Meditation Center Dallas.

Click Youtube Live Meditation

You need a good internet connection and sound.

Meditation divided into two sessions.


Learn to Meditate Online…

With just a few clicks, you can practice Sahaja meditation live, from the comfort of your own home with other meditators logging in from all across the world. This can be the perfect supplement to your in-person meetups.

You can choose any session on our Meditation Calendar led by our expert instructors who’ve been practicing Sahaja for several years.

In the Sahaja Online downloadable Library, you’ll find downloadable guides that offer a comprehensive understanding of the subtle energy system… and reveal tips and step-by-step techniques for learning how to meditate.

In our Practitioner Video Library, you’ll find a wealth of practical tips and perspectives from seasoned Sahaja practitioners.

The Science and Health section is the largest and most sought after resource on meditation for you to explore the health benefits relating to meditation.


Introducing a 4-week online Workshop on Thoughtless Awareness

Starting this weekend, we’re launching a 4-week online workshop on how to learn to meditate using Sahaja’s Thoughtless Awareness state and method.

Thoughtless Awareness has been the mainstay of the Sahaja practice for well over 40 years and is the wellspring of all the benefits Sahaja meditation has to offer to the practitioner.

Our Thoughtless Awareness course will instruct you on:

  • How you can use Sahaja’s unique and powerful Thoughtless Awareness state of meditation to empower a host of health and well-being benefits that go well beyond just stress and anxiety relief.
  • How to develop consistency with a routine of meditation at home.
  • Seven powerful meditation techniques that establish and improve your experience of Thoughtless Awareness driven meditation.
  • An inside look into why meditation is for everyone and not just for mystics and monks. We back our insight with a wealth of scientific research and evidence.
  • How Thoughtless Awareness can become a lifelong Self-Care strategy for busy professionals and moms.

All you need to do is sign up on our online meditation website to start enjoying all the benefits of a comprehensive meditation resource online, available completely free to you.

Visit our meditation calendar for more details on our online sessions.

Our Online Workshop starts this Saturday at 4 pm Eastern.